A "Light" Note During Coronavirus Crisis

Mazzetti’s priority is the same as yours -- taking care of each other. With 85% of our business in Healthcare, we can best do this by ensuring our Healthcare system has the buildings it needs to face any situation.
Collaborative Innovation in Healthcare Engineering: Mazzetti’s Contribution to Global Health Emergencies

As a member of the IFHE, Mazzetti took the lead in coordinating teams of volunteers to respond swiftly to WHO's calls for assistance. This collaborative endeavor encompassed more than just teams; it represented a coming together of minds from various disciplines and geographies. The efforts of these volunteers went beyond 24 teams, spanning over 25 countries. This statistic underscores the global scale and influence of such collaborative initiatives. 
COVID-19 Facts vs. Fiction for Healthcare Facilities

Does the use of negative pressure protect healthcare personnel from the virus? Do we need to use HEPA filters? The answer to these questions and more.
COVID-19 Technology at the Los Angeles Convention Center

In reference to Dr. Li’s technology, “… it’s a game changer, especially during this pandemic. Constant monitoring, no cross-contamination because you don’t have to touch the patient, no wasting of supplies (PPE), and no disturbing the patient at 2:00 in the morning to take their temperature.”
COVID-19 Ventilators & the Systems Used to Administer the Oxygen

With the significant uptick in ventilator use, typical medical oxygen and compressed air systems are being taxed in ways our healthcare facilities have never experienced. And, worst case, if these systems are not properly managed (and modified in some cases) this critical, “invisible” treatment could be jeopardized.
Distilling Disinfecting Lighting Resources and Best Practices

What about using light as a disinfection tool? Several companies in the market are claiming such products--lights with disinfecting capabilities. We've attempted to distill tips and guidelines -- how to assess practices and products and how to apply it with today’s needs in response to COVID-19.
How COVID is Connecting us to Communities Globally

The project is the conversion of an existing healthcare building in Dédougou, Burkina Faso, for the care of COVID-19 patients.

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