Energy Commitment - We're committed to performance.

We take energy seriously.

We see a large part of our role is to provide our clients, what we call, energy peace of mind. This implies both trust and appropriate outcomes (i.e. building performance beyond the model).

Mazzetti engineers uphold a responsibility to design smart, environmentally responsible building systems with a keen focus on performance. We “protect” this design aspect throughout the life of the project and those who have worked with us, can attest.

Basic Engineering Services

Energy modeling
Life cycle cost analysis
Energy incentives calculations
Performance monitoring

Advanced Energy Analysis

Daylighting analysis
CFD modeling of airflows
Thermal comfort analysis
Glare Analysis

We can perform as the engineer of record or not. Ask us how we are delivering this service in an engineering-assist capacity at University of Chicago Medical.

Energy Optimization Services

With older facilities, and often older equipment, inefficient energy consumption is often a reality, but not necessarily easily detected, much less resolved. We help identify significant opportunities for improving your buildings performance and reducing energy spend. Beyond energy analysis, we have the design and construction knowledge of how to implement, which is how we’re able to create business cases, equipping you to make informed decisions.

Energy Performance Evaluation

    Does your organization have any sustainability or energy goals?

    Does your organization have a formal sustainability/energy policy?

    Does your organization have a dedicated energy manager and/or support team?

    Do you know how well your facility is performing?

    Do you need help improving your facility’s energy performance?

    COMING SOON: Energy-Tracking Application 

    Contact us (below) if you’re curious to learn more, receive a demo, and/or interested to pilot your facilities’ energy data using the application (mobile & web).

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