Recruiting the Next Generation of Innovators: Mazzetti seeks you!


This is one of our favorite weeks in the year–Cal Poly ¬†& UW Winter Career Fairs! We have a team of Mazzettites on both campuses, starting today, many of whom are¬†alums!

We know the time nearing graduation, for any college student, is both exciting and a wee bit stressful. You want to take the best “first step” to start your professional career. We thought we’d help by sharing a glimpse into our world…¬†We¬†interviewed some of our own, to learn, “What do you like about Mazzetti?” ¬†Hear for yourself in the video below.

How can you engage with our team?

UW Career Fair: The easiest way will be to find the ‘Mazzetti’ booth, starting Wednesday (25th). You’ll have a chance to meet with local junior and senior engineers, accessible and ready to chat with you. We’ll also be available during the dinner and evening festivities.

Cal Poly Career Fair:¬†The easiest way will be to find the ‘Mazzetti’ booth, starting Wednesday (25th) through Thursday (26th). You’ll have a chance to meet with junior and senior engineers, in addition to our CEO Walt Vernon (at Cal Poly only). In addition…

  • Power & Energy Society¬†(PES) Info Session – Tuesday, 6 – 7pm
  • Engineers without Borders (EWB) – ¬†Tuesday, 7 – 9pm
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Evening Dinner Event – Thursday, 5 – 9pm¬†
  • HVAC Career Fair – Thursday¬†

Best of luck on your journey!


BONUS content from an interview with Mazzetti CEO Walt Vernon:

Q. People who know Mazzetti, often use the word ‘innovative’ to describe the company. Describe how that’s applicable.¬†

A.¬†I think there is something in me that’s restless and never satisfied with the way things are, and I always want find a better way to do things. Good enough almost never is, and so, there’s a certain hunger and drive inside me to look for better ways to do things, and there’s also a hunger in me to be part of the greatest organization, and one that is looked to as an icon in new ways of thinking and really achieving great things.

We do the bulk of our work in the healthcare market. One of challenges¬†with healthcare clients is that they are very risk averse and rightly so. They have people’s lives in their hands everyday, and a mistake can cost lives–that’s pretty serious. And so, they’re not into wild abandonment when it comes to new ideas. Innovating in that atmosphere takes a lot of persistence, and it takes a lot of care because it can’t be done thoughtlessly. I guess I would say we innovate in a couple different ways…

There are the things that we can do inside of a project. Those are often harder and often more process related. “How could we do this process better and differently” than they are technical.

We innovate¬†outside of projects because projects are always constrained by time, money, and fear. And most firms operate inside of projects only; because of my restlessness, I ultimately decided I couldn’t live in that world and do what I needed to do. And so I started working outside of projects. Over time, this company has been able to create an arc of change, if you will, that allows us to, in some ways, gradually move the dial on an issue from conception to testing and piloting, to actual changing the codes, to actually making something real. So for me, innovation in that way is much more about a trajectory of thought, then it is about what we do in any particular project. And any particular project participates in that arc of change and it isn’t ever the culmination of the arc of change.

Discover more about our work here. 

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