“Not Another COVID-19 Webinar”


We hope you enjoyed the robust dialogue during ‘Not Another COVID-19 Webinar’ event. Thank you to all our panelists: Clayton Mitchell (Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals), Mike Wood (Medxcel), Jim Crabb (Mazzetti), Walt Vernon (Mazzetti), and George Tingwald (Stanford Health Care) though was unable to attend in person, he helped shape the conversation. Special thanks to our Master Moderator Donna Deckard (The Center for Health Design).

Summary of Topics Covered:

  1. Addressed the latest KNOWN science and evidence re airborne transmission of COVID-19.
  2. Highlighted a spectrum of responses in hospitals across the country.
  3. Discussed how COVID has been a catalyst in the bigger risk mitigation and emergency preparedness conversation, as well as the code implications (or lack thereof).

In case you missed the event or care to experience again, the slides and full video recording are available here:

Access slide deck here.


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