New CA Energy Codes – Radical Changes


At the start of this month, California took a big step toward the CA newly constructed building target— net zero energy by 2030–with the enactment of the 2013 Title 24, chapter 6 Energy Code.

The new energy code contains some of the most radical changes seen for some time. And speaking of time, for most of us who see time as a luxury, here’s a quick cheat sheet for you:

Obviously the existing building performance criteria is more stringent than before, but just a few of the many examples of new, noteworthy requirements are:

  • Mandatory switching of receptacles via daylight and motion sensors
  • Incorporation of demand response controls
  • Reduction of allowed lighting power densities
  • “Solar-ready roofs”

For more information on these and other changes, click here.

Also, to ensure the more sophisticated controls systems operate as intended, buildings are mandated to be commissioned (in particular the lighting systems) as the CLTA commissioning requirement has been introduced.

As a result of these code changes, Mazzetti has identified various opportunities for cost savings  and would like to invite you to discuss these opportunities with us. Contact me directly: [email protected]


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