M+WasteCare Calculator WEBINAR – July 30th


Healthcare waste managers, like you, cannot easily determine the environmental impact of their waste stream disposal decisions, resulting in subpar sustainability outcomes. Mazzetti is increasing visibility and access to waste stream environmental impacts with a FREE online calculator, M+WasteCare, to better understand your waste footprint and make more informed decisions with your waste streams.

Join us Tuesday, July 30 at 11:00am PDT for a free webinar on the M+WasteCare Calculator.

John Leigh, Director of Sustainability at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, will share his story of challenges in managing waste and measuring impacts – and how this tool has helped. He’ll give a brief live demo and answer questions about waste disposal methods, emissions, reporting, and more. John has worked in waste management for nearly 30 years, and in healthcare for the past 15.

“There are a number of important features that I like about this waste impact calculator:

  • For the first time, we can calculate the emissions and pollutants resulting from the specific treatment and disposal methods we use for hospitals’ specialized and varied waste streams.
  • It factors in transportation emissions based on miles traveled as well as fuel type used for each travel leg.
  • We can input different scenarios for comparing one course of action against another.
  • It’s open source and now crowdsourced – the assumptions and conversion factors are completely transparent and open for others to improve upon.
  • It’s powerful, easy to use and understand, and it’s free!”


Contact John Leigh at [email protected] or Shannon Bunsen at [email protected] with any questions.

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