Sustainability Project Manager



When the University of Wisconsin (UW) Health won an ASHE Energy to Care Award in 2015, little did I know this would be the catalyst for my role at Mazzetti. After having met Walt through interviews for this sustainability award, I joined Mazzetti as a Sustainability Project Manager.

The AEC industry has such great influence in our lives – it’s responsible for creating the spaces in which we live, work, learn, heal, and play. My interest is in how humans interact with the built environment, each other, and our systems at large. The pursuit of environmental, economic, and social sustainability is what motivates me. This coupled with my deep love of nature brought me to this field.

Working as a student in the hospital engineering department, while taking classes like conservation biology, led to my creation of the sustainability role at UW Health. I witnessed the enormous amount of waste and energy produced / consumed, as well as the desire amongst hospital staff to do better.

As UW Health’s first sustainability specialist, I embedded sustainability into the organization’s mission, culture, and operating budget. I measured baselines, performed audits, identified goals and action plans, tested alternatives, and implemented sustainable solutions using best practices in change management. While in Wisconsin, I served as an influential leader, resource, and spokesperson for 15,000+ employees and the community at large.

What I enjoy the most is empowering individuals to create sustainable change in their realms of influence and sharing their stories.

As a Sustainability Project Manager at Mazzetti, I aim to enlist my entrepreneurial and collaborative approach to drive innovation and transformational outcomes for institutions and the populations they serve (including our own internal constituents).




Naturally, I firmly believe in sustainable practices in my life outside of the office. I became a vegetarian about two years ago. I walk/bike/bus everywhere possible, purchase green products, use reusables over disposables, purchase secondhand products, and practice minimalism.

If I could change one thing in the world, I would remove everyone’s propensity to think of themselves first. Imagine a world where we all cared for others first!

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