Meet Eric Nimer: Senior Electrical Engineer in Mazzetti Atlanta


Meet the newest member of Mazzetti Atlanta, Eric Nimer. Learn about his unique journey from economics, to construction, to electrical contracting, to electrical engineering and beyond… Discover how this life-long learner is uniquely poised to work on your next project.

How did you get into your specific line of work? What about this role excites you?

I found my way into this industry by luck; I obtained a degree in economics but was interested in construction. After graduating, I lived at my parent’s house for a week. My mother was walking our dog, ran into a neighbor, and told him to get me a job and out of her house! He was a recruiter at an electrical contracting company.  I started my professional career as an electrician and, after a few years, pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering. In my new role, I am excited to interact with design partners and owners to impact design, particularly in the healthcare industry.

Tell us about a memorable project.

One of my most memorable projects was for a facility that manufactures rocket engines. I helped design the electrical systems that were literally facilitating the production of rocket engines for space travel. (The “true engineer” in me was giddy about anything regarding outer space!)

What excites you most about your line of work?

There is just something so incredibly amazing about what humans can physically create that no spreadsheet, application, or words can match.  Watching designs on a computer screen turn into real world projects is magic.  For me, construction really has this primally satisfying component.

What brought you to Mazzetti?

I really wanted to get back into Healthcare design, and the culture of Mazzetti is undeniable.  There is truly so much more happening here than at a traditional MEP firm—we’re conducting timely research to change codes, we’re building software applications to address owner needs, we’re conducting human-centered design workshops to “reimagine” healthcare spaces… just the tip of the iceberg!

What are you most excited about for the future of Mazzetti?

I think the design world is on the precipice of a fundamental transformation with generative design and automated workflows.  Mazzetti is uniquely positioned to be a leader in this transformation and that gets me really jacked up!!

If you could give any advice to the next generation of engineers, what would that be?

Never stop learning. Learn the other disciplines, various business topics, and architecture/construction.  When you start connecting the dots across these areas you can really create a lot of value.

Understand the value of your network.  Make sure you stay in touch with classmates, professors, etc. Get involved in the industry outside of the office. Professional/networking groups are incredibly valuable.

What is your unique (or greatest) value you bring to clients? To the industry? (I.e. Why should clients want YOU on their projects?)

I bring enthusiasm and diversity to clients. I light up like a little kid on Christmas when I see a cool Revit model or get to walk jobsites. The love never fades, and I’ll talk anyone’s ear off that wants to discuss the industry. I have seen this industry through so many different lenses, enabling me to anticipate and visualize a multitude of issues/ scenarios that might otherwise be missed.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of work- what are your passions or hobbies?

I’m a skilled supervisor at Habitat for Humanity, I enjoy working out (running, swimming, biking, Muay Thai, CrossFit, weights, anything physically challenging) going to church, partying with my dog, Netflix binges, jigsaw puzzles and philosophy. I am an avid learner and could spend all day on LinkedIn Learning, Udacity, Coursera, etc.

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