Associate Principal, Senior Electrical Engineer


MEP Engineering

I started my professional career on the construction side of the house. I was an electrician and eventually pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering. When you have literally had your “hands on” the systems you’re designing, it creates an entirely unique perspective. For me, there is just something so incredibly amazing about what humans can physically create that no spreadsheet, application, or words can match.  Watching designs on a computer screen turn into real world projects is magic.

I came to Mazzetti because I wanted to get back into Healthcare design and the unique culture here is undeniable. Mazzetti is so much more than a traditional MEP firm… Mazzetti is literally pioneering the future of healthcare design, and that’s something I feel I can (and want to) help perpetuate further.

In my role as a Senior Electrical Engineer at Mazzetti, I will have the pleasure of working with our healthcare clients across the Southeast (and beyond), designing forward-looking electrical systems to sustain now and (well) into the future.

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