Mazzetti “Walk the Talk” Water Challenge – Join us!


Why an office water challenge?

Mazzetti is embarking on a company-wide experiment to reduce our water usage. WHY? Not only is now a crucial time to conserve our limited natural resources, particularly water (recent droughts across the country, case in point), but it’s also our chance to innovate… to draw from our collective knowledge and experience to experiment and have a positive impact. And, as an engineering firm with an emphasis on sustainability, we need to “walk the talk”, setting the example. AND, we think this could be a fun excuse for a little internal competition for a worthy cause.

What & When

Starting officially in August, until the end of the year, each office is in competition to see who can reduce it’s usage by the highest percentage below its respective benchmark. (General baseline per US Dept of Energy Data: 15 gpd/employee)

Info Gathered To-Date

We’ve gathered water inventory checklists (ie. types of toiletes, how many, etc.), in addition to benchmark aproximations based on LEED calculations. Special thanks to the many people who helped gather & calculate this info.

What now?

Each office is challenged to reduce its water usage without reducing personal water consumption. DRINK IT, DON’t WASTE IT. At the end of the year, the office with the highest percentage of water reduction (calculated per its benchmark), will be announced the big winner!

Join us!

A challenge is more fun and impactful with more participants. We can learn best practices from each other and highlight successes. If you’re interested, please reach out to Jessica Hamann.

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