Associate Principal, Senior Electrical Engineer


MEP Engineering

After working in Healthcare at the start of my career, then taking a short hiatus into more Science and Technology projects (gaining lab design experience), I realized my passion is in Healthcare. Knowing that my work is specifically impacting the ability for a patient to heal with minimal impact on the environment brings me joy and satisfaction.

I have nearly a decade of experience in design and project management. I’ve primarily focused in designing electrical systems for technically complex projects within healthcare and lab environments. I really enjoy working collaboratively with all design partners to and stakeholders to drive better solutions. I’m energized by helping people work (more) effectively together and the general social, productive energy in this collaborative environment.

I remember being in a project kick-off meeting with a client for a large lab/office building. After the meeting was over, the project manager told everyone to stop. She quietly said, ‘Look around. We’re all women.’ She said this was something she had never experienced before, and you could tell she was very happy to see it happen. I got to experience this five years into my career when it probably was twenty-five years for her. That moment really put into perspective how far women have come in this industry and the path women leaders have paved for all of us that follow. I’m grateful Mazzetti prioritizes being a female-friend engineering firm.

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