Meet Mazzetti’s Newest Principal: Ryan Stromquist


We are thrilled to recognize, Ryan Stromquist, recently promoted to Principal. Ryan has been with Mazzetti for over eight years. A natural communicator with an easy-going disposition, Ryan co-leads Mazzetti’s Denver office with Ron Bourgault.  Learn more about Ryan’s philosophy and his thoughts on the future of the industry…

What’s the core philosophy that guides your process?

What we do is important to others.  We are designing systems and spaces that affect people’s comfort, safety, productivity, emotions, and experiences- both in the near term and long.  What we design also has implications on the future, so sustainability is paramount.  This guides my process to constantly think about how we are impacting others.

How do you approach your work, and how does it influence the outcome?

Listen and engage.  Remember that each project and problem is unique- as engineers we try to solve the problem as quickly as possible.  Take the time to listen to the issues at hand and ask questions to get to the real problem.  Stay involved in the process and see it through to the end.

What’s your signature? Your method? Your style? Your reason?

I am easy-going by nature, but focused on results and accountability.  Meeting (and exceeding) the commitments we make to clients and our fellow teammates is the only way to build trust, which is essential if you are going to tackle the most complex problems.  Trust is also essential to build long lasting relationships.

What defines you as a professional—and how does that make you better at what you do?

I love to work hard and build up others. Doing my best to make others succeed helps me as well. I like to surround myself with unique perspectives that are forward thinking and innovative. I focus on effective communication and try to break down technical aspects into a more easily digestible form by incorporating graphics and visual elements.

How do you work with clients to help position them favorably for the future?

I spend time with clients really listening to their needs. It is important to ask questions about the problem at hand while anticipating the future. Even if the client is not sure what the future holds for them, we can help design for future outcomes. Tough questions may influence design and help with the future of their project.  I have experience designing for deconstruction which sets up infrastructure in a modular way in case it is not needed in the future.

What are your Thoughts on the future of the AEC industry?

The AEC industry has really embraced technology and it has enhanced our ability as designers to analyze, coordinate, and collaborate much more effectively.  There are so many opportunities now to weave the design technologies into the construction process including procurement, fabrication, and installation that it really compresses the time on projects.  We are evolving to become faster-paced and more collaborative. To aid efficiency, there is a need to be well-versed in multiple disciplines to recognize the impacts you are making on other trades.

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