Tuan Tran

Employee Feature Spotlight: Tuan Tran


Born and bred Electrical Mazzetti-ite, Tuan Tran, was recently promoted to co-lead our Portland and Eugene offices, along with Civil Engineer Monica Anderson. Learn more about Tuan and his journey thus far…

How did you get into your specific line of work? What about this role excites you?

Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor but gradually, my interests in math and technology led me to engineering. In hindsight, regardless of the profession, the goal has always been to find a meaningful career that positively impact communities. Mazzetti has, and continues, to provide me with opportunities to do just that.

What excites me the most about being a Team Leader is getting to know my team members. I enjoy listening to their ideas, learning how they approach problems, discovering their communication styles, and helping them establish and meet their goals.

Tell us about a memorable project. What made it stand out to you?

Although there have been many memorable projects throughout my career at Mazzetti, the Kaiser Westside Hospital project had a profound impact. I was only 1.5 years into my career and had very little experience. Due to unforeseen economic circumstances, at this time, we had limited staff availability. I worked overtime to learn and take on more responsibilities. Through transparency, honesty, and communication, I built trust with both our internal and external project teams. Before long, I was leading the electrical design for the project and representing the electrical team through the construction phase.

What excites you most about your line of work?

Besides the positive impact our designs have in the community, I enjoy the people. I’ve learned so much and have grown wiser because of those around me. My teammates, clients, and everyone I’ve had the pleasure of building a relationship with is what excites me about my job.

What brought you to Mazzetti?

During my senior year at Portland State University, we were tasked with reaching out to local employers for internship opportunities. I reached out to Mazzetti as I believed it would be a good fit both culturally and with my skillset. Over a decade later, appears that I was right.

What are you most excited about for the future of Mazzetti?

What has always drawn me to Mazzetti is our foresight – we are experts at the forefront of our industry. I’m excited for our continued growth and adaptability.

If you could give any advice to the next generation of engineers, what would that be?

Future generations of engineers are dreamers. They are curious, efficient, and seek meaningful work. My only advice is to have patience. What was been done by prior generations may not be aligned with the way you operate today; help them help you.

What is your unique (or greatest) value you bring to clients? To the industry? (I.e. Why should clients want YOU on their projects?)

I bring value in my ability to earn trust through being honest and transparent with our clients and colleagues in the industry.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of work- what are your passions or hobbies?

I am very family oriented.  Along with my love of cooking and eating, my wife and I often have gatherings of friends and families on weekends. We enjoy camping and outdoor adventures in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Additionally, I was lucky enough to purchase my “dream car,” an Acura NSX, a few years ago and spend a lot of free time cruising around.


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