Benchmark your building: it’s the law!


As more cities and states seek to drive energy savings and transparency in commercial building design, laws mandating energy use reporting and performance are becoming increasingly popular. These laws will pick up where energy codes “left off”, addressing existing buildings to ensure they are being managed for efficiency and performance.

“Knowing current performance is the starting point to find ways to improve a building’s energy efficiency. To improve, you need to know where you are at.” – Steven Ring, Northern California City Leader, Cushman & Wakefield

What is required?

Requirements vary based on building size, property, and ownership type, as well as location.

In San Francisco, for example, buildings 10,000 sq. ft. and above must describe their building and document its annual energy use in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (,).

Are you covered?

View a detailed summary of all federal, state, and local policies that mandate energy benchmarking of commercial buildings.

How do I collect data?

It’s easy to get started. Mazzetti offers benchmarking, audits, and building tune-ups to cut energy costs. You can also participate in New Jersey’s Science and Technology University’s free online benchmarking training program.

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