Associate, Senior Mechanical Designer, Sustainability Analyst

It was really a happy coincidence that I fell into this industry. I had never heard of an “architectural engineer” before and had became bored in college and needed a new, more exciting major. At the time, the University of Colorado was one of three colleges that had the architectural engineering program, and I decided I would give it a try. I fell in love with engineering one class at a time.  I was able to learn many things; from business, to engineering, to marketing and I wanted to be a part of it all. I am pleased with my happy coincidence and my lifelong learning career.

In my life, I love to solve problems. This might even be one of my faults since I do not say “no” very well, but I thrive on finding new solutions. Every day there is a new challenge in my work that I get to solve. I enjoy working with clients to find the most innovative solution for them. I enjoy working with a co-worker on finding the best resource for a specific task. I enjoy being onsite with the contractors determining what we can do together to solve a collision. The everyday opportunity to make something better or easier for someone keeps me coming back in at 9 AM (okay maybe 9:30 AM).

A few specific values I bring to a client is my way of looking at a situation and my innovative thinking. I believe, with each project, we can break the stereotype of architect, engineer, contractor and all work together as a team to have the best solution for the owner. I help push a team to be innovative and sustainable on every project with the experience of many net-zero projects and passive system designs. I focus on the details of a project, but also the bigger picture in order to provide the client with a quality finished product.


My Flipside

My hobbies include spending time with my husband and our family of fur babies. We love to be outdoors skiing, snow-shoeing, hiking, fly-fishing, and getting lost in the woods. I enjoy hosting themed dinners at my house and visiting my home town to be a country girl again.

I am a family girl that will do anything for anyone and I will work hard to make sure to spread some joy to each person I meet.


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