Senior Associate, Technology Internal Information Manager

In 2007, I started my career as an RN in the clinical setting (Emergency Department and PACU). In 2012, I started working as a Medical Equipment Planner for the former GBA (now Mazzetti+GBA). I rejoined the team as an Internal Information Consultant in 2018. My clinical experience in the Emergency Department and PACU enables me to provide relevant and comprehensive service as a Medical Equipment Planner. Now as an Internal Information Consultant, I use this experience as a resource (for the design teams) by maintaining our robust database of medical technology.

As a planner, I enjoyed engaging the medical staff to think outside their current environment and consider operational improvements and technology solutions that would prove successful in their new facilities. My ultimate goal is always improving patient outcomes. I deliver on this goal via designing exceptional healthcare facilities with the best technology to meet the needs of the client.

Healthcare technology is ever-changing; always a problem to be solved. I enjoy the challenge of finding a way to improve the work environment and operational flow for clinicians, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.


My Flipside

I am passionate about my family. I have three beautiful children that keep me on my toes around the clock and inspire me daily to raise up the next generation as kind, responsible, and caring members of society. I enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients and creating healthy meals for my family to share together around the same table. I love growing vegetables and canning them in the summertime. There is no taste like a homegrown tomato.

I love classic country and bluegrass music. My favorite date night location with my husband is watching live music at Nashville’s best kept secret, The Station Inn. (Guess the secret’s out now!)

I grew up in Franklin, TN when it was still a small town. My highschool offered a Healthcare Occupations class which fueled my desire to attend nursing school. Before my kids were born, I traveled to Haiti on nine different mission trips, providing care through mobile medical clinics, educating the community through health classes, and teaching workshops at the nursing college in Port Au Prince.

I’m passionate about Type 1 Diabetes research and serve as an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).


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