Senior Electrical Engineer


Lighting Design

With almost two decades of experience, my focus is on all facets of lighting – from lamp and fixture selection, controls, integration with daylighting and glare controls – to façade lighting, and LEED elements of lighting design. A communicative designer, I utilize a variety of computer modeling tools to convey lighting analysis and calculations, including 3D visualization software, daylighting, shadow studies, artificial lighting, and animations.

My experience includes both interior and exterior lighting analysis and design, daylighting analysis and LEED lighting design for both function and aesthetics, all aspects of power systems design, power distribution and power quality, emergency power systems, auxiliary life safety systems, and construction administration. I have designed for a variety of building types, including medical, airport, corporate, commercial, educational, and cultural facilities. I enjoy the unique technical challenges each project provides, and from a creative standpoint, I enjoy designing beautiful spaces.

I wear many hats, and am willing to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things on projects or fill a needed role. A recent example is a project for WUSM, who brought us on to evaluate the feasibility of re-lighting an old auditorium. Part of the project required the contractor to climb above the aging plaster ceiling, so to ensure the safety of the construction crew, we engaged our in-house structural engineer to confirm the ceiling would hold. We discovered the first layer of the plaster (the ceiling visible from the ground) was actually hung from the original plaster ceiling, and that many original support rods had been cut to make room for ductwork that had been recklessly added at some point. It only took one quick memo to condemn the auditorium, as there were already signs of partial ceiling collapses. We were fortunate to avoid catastrophe through having the right people on the team, and an owner who valued our opinion.

I strive to ensure every client is happy at the end of each job by listening to their needs and designing what they ask for, rather than what I want to give them – and if it’s not right, working with them to correct any issues.

My Flipside

You can find me outside of the office working on something house related; building something, planning something… or lately tormenting my family with my attempts at playing the piano. I also enjoy salt water aquariums, photography, music and biking.

I was born in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico, which gave me a better appreciation of what food should taste like!

If I could “change the world” (after tackling world peace and ending world hunger), I’d probably invent less costly ways to store electricity and combine these with new ways of capturing renewable energy.

I’m committed to living a sustainable lifestyle, and have a composter in the backyard and a large garden where I grow various foods (tomatoes, hot peppers, cilantro, lettuce, okra, etc.). In general, I find small ways to reduce my carbon foot print by using less energy and re-using things when possible.

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