Larry Patrick

Senior Associate, Senior Electrical Designer


MEP Engineering

For more than 25 years, I’ve had the opportunity to design and coordinate complex building electrical systems. In addition to project management, my expertise includes branch circuit wiring and main power distribution design, interior lighting design, technology-communications, and construction administration.

With a focus on energy efficient systems, I’m grateful to directly impact the health of our planet and the people who inhabit these spaces, particularly in Healthcare. (After losing a sister to cancer, I’m even more passionate to design spaces, enabling optimum care for my friends, family, and future generations.)

I believe my greatest value is partnering with clients to deeply understand and appropriately implement  their priorities throughout the project. I have a keen eye for detail and analysis with a priority on future-proofing. As a consultant and designer, I’m well-versed in balancing priorities (including budget & cost), as well as anticipating potential constructability issues.

Notable project highlights:

I worked on a historic library and near the end of the project someone donated “Jelly Baby sculptures” for viewing by children. The sculptures where 40” tall and solid colored marble. My challenge was to design lighting to make the babies glow from within. Challenges included heat from fixtures (before LED was an option), accessibility, density of the marble material, weight of the babies, and historic building limits

I worked on a vertical busduct replacement for a high-rise senior living building and the existing electrical equipment had reached the end of its service life. My challenge was keeping the building operational for the duration of project with full occupancy. I designed a temporary distribution system backed by a temporary generator to off load high rise loads.

I worked on a state hospital replacement project and the existing power plant supplied the entire campus. All other buildings had to remain operational as the new hospital construction was completed. This resulted in 10 phases of projects to systematically address the building systems for each building on the campus to allow demolition of the existing power plant and completion of the new facility,

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