Principal - Mechanical, Team Leader


MEP Engineering

As a principal at Mazzetti, my expertise lies in Project Delivery, specifically achieving production on time and on budget without error. My goal – and strength – is to interact with clients and contractors to make sure that we are on the right track. When it comes to production, no matter what size the project or deadline, I deliver it. The more pressure there is, the more efficient I am; I have been doing this for more 30 years. I also like to be engaged in marketing and the pursuit of new work.

I find joy in being one with the design process, getting into the nitty-gritty aspects, and staying focused in the process to ensure completion of a great project.

Of my noteworthy project work, several stand out for their scale and success: the Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Replacement Medical Center; MEP upgrades at Camp Pendleton Naval hospital; design services for a Tier III primary data center for Banner Health; a research laboratory renovation and remodel for the University of California, Los Angeles campus; and a new performance theater for Santa Monica Community College.


My Flipside

I’ve known I wanted be an engineer since I was six years old, as engineering was prestigious in the Middle East. I’ve been working in the industry doing plumbing and piping since I was fourteen with my father and uncle in Armenia.

I have lived and worked all over the world. I started working in Armenia as a young boy and have worked in the first mushroom growing plant in Tehran. Later I worked in Saudi Arabia at the King Abdulla University on a project that included a specialized Phytotron Project; not many of these environmentally-controlled chambers exist in the world. I worked in Alexandria, Virginia for HDR and then in Irvine, California after the Northridge Earthquake in 1991 to help launch the mechanical department in the HDR Irvine office.

In my free time, I enjoy all types of music. Listening to a live symphony gives me goose bumps. I really appreciate French and Indian music as well. I also love spending time with my two kids. When my son was in the Boy Scouts, I served as the chairperson for several years – and I did everything imaginable in that role. In 2004, I was recognized as the Top Leader of the Year!


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