Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer


MEP Engineering

I began my career in Mechanical Engineering after graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2013. Focusing on Healthcare, Mission Critical, and Science and Technology sectors, I provide expertise  and creativity in Mechanical Design, Plumbing Design, and Medical Gas Design. This field provides the opportunity to be people- and planet-focused. Through sustainable-design approaches, we can create better built-environments for people to live, work, and heal.

I pride myself on gathering a full understanding of client objectives, engineering system principles, technology options, and code to develop creative and reliable options for accomplishing any design goal (whether that goal is energy-efficiency, user-friendliness, reliability, cost, or a unique combination of multiple goals).

One of the most innovative approaches/solutions I’ve contributed to is developing an air system that utilizes desiccants, conditioned relief air, and decoupled treatment of outside air to reduce heating and cooling energy, increase flexibility of room temperature set-points, and eliminate the need for low-temperature cooling fluids.

My Flipside

When I’m not in the office, you can find me skiing, climbing, mountaineering, dirt bike riding, camping, and enjoying earned-it beers and just-because beers with friends and family.

I am passionate about sustainability at home. I use “active façade” tricks to reduce energy-usage at home. By incorporating blinds, window openings, fans, and doors into a system for moving, creating, or dissipating heat. Our house has gone as long as four consecutive months without using any form of HVAC.  I also try to pick-up two pieces of trash every time I leave the house. If I drop a piece of trash, I “owe” three pieces to the trash can.

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