Principal - Mechanical Engineer

As a principal with over 30 years of experience, I advance client projects using all four of our lenses: research & policy, planning, finance, and project delivery. I draw on a wide range of project delivery experience to provide expertise tailored to each project’s requirements, including performance criteria for design build, design assist, plan and spec, variations of integrated project delivery, and serving as owner engineering representative. Because I enjoy solving problems, I land on a project at initiation and explore all project possibilities, narrowing the selection based on key criteria.

My background is in construction, so I know how complex parts fit together. My education is in environmental engineering, with a focus on building sciences and energy, so I know how to integrate energy conservation and passive building ideas into a realizable building.

My claim to fame: I was the first in the nation to present the concept of hot and cold aisles for data center environments in March 2000 at the 7×24 Conference. I was also one of the first to implement, on a large scale, the use of air-side economizers for data center free cooling, starting in 1999. I was published in the Winter 2012 issue of ASHRAE’s High Performing Buildings, which highlights the sustainable design aspects of the California Department of Public Health’s Energy Star 98 rated Building P in Richmond.


My Flipside

Any who knows me, knows how much I love to golf. I also love to build, so a vacation to me includes… building stuff! This has taken me to Costa Rica where I built lockers for a school and did surveying for a long driveway. I have also done projects locally with Habitat for Humanity. For work, I’ve traveled to Jakarta, Paris, and London. Following the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, I traveled with a team on behalf of Project HOPE to evaluate buildings for potential prosthetic laboratories.

Although I was born in Kansas City, I consider Monterey, CA my hometown. Other than my college years spent in San Luis Obispo, I’ve lived in Northern California

WEC industry? I love to build but I’m also concerned about energy and the environment and saw an opportunity to have the biggest impact via the HVAC industry.

How do I bring sustainability into my everyday life? I like to grow my own food and drive an electric scooter when not on my bike.


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