Senior Mechanical Engineer


MEP Engineering

I’m Jenna McClure, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Mazzetti. I embarked on my technical journey in 2004 and have since accumulated a variety of experience in various sectors. . I excel in many project delivery styles such as Bid/Spec, Progressive Design Build, Design Assist, and Design Collaboration, armed with an upfront communication style that promotes efficient problem-solving.  

I enjoy the dynamic nature of my work and cherish the diverse interactions with team members ranging from developers to contractors. Each project brings a fresh challenge and excitement, keeping me on my toes. 

One of my significant projects was a P3 deliverable for a police station, a complex, fast-paced task that demanded stringent collaboration and budget-focused innovation. My proactive approach and experience were instrumental in the success of this project.  

My Flipside

Away from the world of engineering, you’ll often find me exploring the woods on sunny days with my husband and dog,or daydreaming about my next kayaking journey.

I’m an enthusiastic traveler and thrill-seeker – I once went skydiving in my twenties!  


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