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MEP Engineering

Since launching my technical career in 2018, I’ve immersed myself in the healthcare, laboratory and research facilities, and commercial sectors. I am a mechanical engineer focused on innovative problem-solving and sustainable design with a commitment to forging strong relationships with clients and project teams, ensuring effective communication. My participation in the Women in Healthcare Denver Chapter, alongside my role in the Colorado Association of Healthcare Engineers & Directors (CAHED), has enriched my connections and perspectives within the healthcare sector.

I pride myself on genuinely understanding an organization’s unique operational needs, down to their maintenance workflows. By translating these needs into practical, efficient system designs, my approach is tailored, comprehensive, and always attuned to the client’s highest priorities—whether that lies in exceeding sustainability benchmarks, adhering to a strict budget, or ensuring attention to finishes and flexibility for future modifications. I find joy in creating environments that foster healing and innovation, and the excitement derived from harnessing new technologies to minimize our ecological footprint.

I’m also deeply invested in research and advocacy for energy efficiency, leading projects like the ASHRAE study on medical imaging equipment’s heat gain, and championing initiatives to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Each project is a stepping-stone toward the ultimate goal of a decarbonized built environment, and it’s a challenge I relish every day.

One standout project in my career involved the design of mechanical systems for Sierra Space—a company poised on the forefront of commercial space travel. Touring their facility and witnessing the assembly of spacecraft destined for the International Space Station brought home the gravity of our work. Remarkably, despite our tight timelines and the complexity of the task at hand, our collaborative spirit and robust communication channels ensured our design met every standard set by Sierra Space.

My Flipside

Outside of work, I can be found singing in my community choir, running with my labradoodle, or attending concerts with my husband.

I also enjoy fun activities with friends and family like camping, hiking, skiing, and cheering on my favorite sports teams.

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