George Augustini, PE

Associate Principal, Senior Mechanical Engineer


MEP Engineering

I’ve always been “mechanically minded” and decided to go into engineering in high school. I pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology which led me to a position as a mechanical consulting engineer. I explored various types of projects until finding a passion in Healthcare . After several years in management, I am looking forward to being more directly involved with design and the opportunity to improve healing environments through sustainable design.

I appreciate the opportunity to impact better patient care through design. My wife is an RN which gives me unique insight into healthcare and specifically the healing environments. I also really enjoy the complexity of the building systems typically akin to healthcare facilities. (I can thank my mentor for introducing me to this sector, which has, now, been the focus and passion of my career.)

I bring a passion for finding solutions to complex challenges and knowledge sharing. I enjoy “outside the box” thinking while managing project budgets. I have a passion to serve, and I cannot think of a better avenue than in Healthcare with Mazzetti.

My Flipside

I grew up in Southern California and Eastern Washington, and differences in culture between the two areas provided unique insight to how environment has a large impact on people’s perspectives. If I could change the world, I would help humanity understand the effects of their destructive behavior on the environment.

When I am not in the office, I am usually outdoors with my wife and our three children. We spend a lot of time on kid’s activities such as scouts, theater, and basketball. I also enjoy hunting fishing, motorcycles, and building and flying RC planes.


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