Associate, Mechanical Engineer


MEP Engineering

I have a jack-of-all-trades approach to building systems – For each project, I bring a passion for building system design, genuine curiosity about interactions between systems, and a desire to understand the complete design package, ensuring that my system design interacts with each project element. As a Mechanical Engineer, I appreciate the opportunity to innovate and improve the world around me by helping shape the buildings in which we spend so much time. While on a project team for a senior assisted living center, I researched the 1960s building’s as-builts to familiarize myself with the building, including areas outside of scope. I found the new expansion would encroach on the sewer and storm mains, depressing them below the new slab of the expansion. As a result, the project’s design was modified to include new sewage and rainwater ejectors, allowing the expansion to be built, and saving the team huge delays and budget overages.

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