Associate Principal, Senior Mechanical Engineer


MEP Engineering

From the start of my career I wanted to design buildings that would heal and improve the lives of the users. As an engineer, seeing designs really come to life during construction, start-up, and occupancy of a building is rewarding.

The clients I’ve been fortunate to serve value my quick and thorough responses. I aim to be the person you want to call when a job needs to be executed quickly and correctly.

My career as a Mechanical Engineer has included quite the variety of projects — each of which, facilitating unique learning opportunities, applicable for future projects. An office complex battery room renovation project requiring the handling of hazardous gasses benefitted from my previous experience in designing waste water treatment plants.  I was able to specify the proper materials and equipment to evacuate the contaminated air.

I’ve had clients inquire about emergency generator room airflow requirements for unique relocations; move them from outdoors on a roof to below grade in a vault.  Having designed a 10MW generator plant building to withstand below freezing air temperatures with large airflow requirements, I was able to factor in what supplemental space conditioning would be required for our current project’s needs.

Or, perhaps when a client is in the equipment start up process prior to occupancy and has dozens of systems to verify?  Having commissioned over 50 retail stores across the country with a variety of system types, manufacturer controls interfaces, and project square footages, I feel I have an acute ability to identify a quality contractor that can build per plan, yielding operable systems that start on time to meet a project deadline. I enjoy having a keen eye for construction and startup with the owner’s milestone goals in mind.


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