Our Company

Celebrating 50+ years with you. Excited for the next 50.

Mazzetti is a global provider of MEP engineering design and technology/IT consulting, focusing primarily on Healthcare and Mission Critical markets. Founded in San Francisco in 1962, we have grown to eleven offices and 220 full-time employees.

Mazzetti is an employee-owned benefit corporation, built by people who enjoy working with you to deliver innovative projects that make a difference in lives and communities. We weave together the human and the technical to forge better solutions to create the systems and environments that unleash our abilities to work, to learn, and to heal.

We need engineers who understand the client’s needs and partner with us (architects) to proactively lead the client and develop creative solutions.

– Jean Mah, Principal (Perkins + Will)

As your partner, we provide you a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary team of experts to address your needs, with the future in mind. We take pride in what we’ve accomplished in over 50 years, and we look forward to making the world a better place (together) over the next 50 years.

Embracing 'Different'


“When I was a young engineer, I worked for a company that had very clear expectations about what an engineer was supposed to do and be. And I wanted to do something different. I wanted to serve a different kind of clientele. They weren’t interested in somebody who wanted to do something different… And ultimately I left. And now I’m leading a competing company. Others faced with a similar dilemma also left and became competitors of theirs. And I remember watching this company lose talent and thinking to myself, “If I ever am in a position of authority, I want to make very sure that I don’t stamp out people’s creativity and people’s innovation and people’s spirit. I wanted to create an organization that supported and nurtured that kind of innovation, that kind of entrepreneurial-ship, that kind of drive for growth.” – Walt, Mazzetti CEO

Our Expertise