Healthcare Factility Management

Facility Solutions

Our team is equipped with nearly 100 years of combined on-site Healthcare experience.


Senior Facility Operations Consultant

Healthcare Facility Management Solutions

We are a team of problem solvers, disguised as engineers. As Healthcare evolves, demanding more of staff and the facilities, we have created new solutions for you—Facility Solutions, that is. Our Facility Solutions leadership team includes former healthcare professionals—Facility Directors and C-Suite Executives—with nearly 100 years of strategic planning in healthcare and healthcare facility management experience. Discover more about our Facility Solutions staff. 

We conduct a facility condition assessment report and facilitate optimization of the built environment through tailored solutions empowering our partners to provide the best possible environment for excellence in patient care. Solutions pertain to OPPS: Operations, Planning, Personnel, and Sustainability. 


Key Experts

Our Approach

Research & Policy
Project Delivery

Through our four lenses, we drive the future of infrastructure through research and policy. We help clients plan forward-looking infrastructure investments and access creative ways to finance them. And we produce transformational engineering and technological solutions through project and post-project delivery.

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