Solar – The Gift that Keeps on Giving



We partnered with GRID Alternatives for the second consecutive year, installing three solar panel system for low-income families. In addition to conquering some fears of height (check out our CEO’s comments here), we contributed to our local communities. As a Benefit Corporation, we’re committed to providing general public benefit–societal and environmental. Partnering with GRID provides us a unique opportunity to both give back and learn unique skills re solar installation… Mazzetti Mechanical Designer, Nick Andrews, shares his experience from a summer build here.

SO, not only do we have the opportunity to save 6,000+ trees, which is pretty GREAT, but we also gain hands-on training to use in future solar PV installations through our Sextant Foundation. Thanks to GRID for highlighting our impact from 2015:

Infographic 2015_Mazzetti

Mazzetti Mechanical Designer, Caleb Kline, shared his thoughts from one of the builds…

I like the multi-pronged approach of Grid Alternatives’ mission. They provided low income families with extra income by reducing their utility bills. They add more renewable energy into the power grid. And they give people experience and training that they can use to get a job as a solar panel installer. I’m proud of Mazzetti for supporting these goals and for putting some skin in the game by getting out there on the roof tops. The last two years I participated have been a lot of fun. This year the homeowners were up on the roof with us, and it was great to be able to meet them and see the pride they took in their new solar arrays. At the end of the day, they thanked us for our help, and it was nice to be able to look our neighbors in the eye and say, “you’re welcome!”

Interested to get your own firm involved, check out volunteer opportunities here or reach out to us.  Maybe we can partner together on a build in 2016.  #GiveTheGiftofSolar

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