NEWS: Seasoned MEP Healthcare Engineer Matt Ebejer Joins Mazzetti


Please join us in welcoming seasoned MEP Engineer Matt Ebejer, who joined Mazzetti as a Principal in Southern CA. He brings 40+ years of experience, specializing in Healthcare.

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Matt EbejerWe sat down with Matt to learn more about his background and outlook on the future…

How did you get into your specific line of work?

I actually started in school to be a dentist but quickly realized this was not for me! Growing up, I always tinkered with chemistry sets… This probably led to becoming a Chemical Engineer in the oil fields of Northern Michigan. I’ll never forget my first project, in Detroit, helping design the GM headquarters, “Renaissance Center” — essentially four 74ft cylindrical towers with ductwork made of concrete.

However when this job market became less lucrative, I inquired with a friend of my dad who was an MEP Engineer. (I should note, too, my dad was a Healthcare Architect, heavily influencing my career path.) Sure enough, this Chemical Engineer was hired at the MEP firm… I had a curiosity and propensity to make the processes work, which aided my new MEP path. I was privileged to start and own my own MEP firm for almost 20 years, doing work in 38 states with offices in South Carolina and Michigan. Due to family circumstances, I moved to southern CA (in 2008) and worked for reputable firms, including Mazzetti (now).

Tell us about a memorable project…

For 40 years, geothermal systems (use of the ground as a heating and cooling sink) has been a specialty of mine. I had a client located in downtown Ann Arbor, MI that highly desired a geothermal system. Problem: his building was situated on land without any space. However, there was a nearby alley, owned by the City of Ann Arbor. They explained to the city their desire to have geothermal and the benefits. The city allowed them to have an 8′ x 8′ square in the alley. The project required (8) 450 foot bores (normally the bores are drilled on 30 foot centers). We brought in an out-of -state drilling contractor and slant drilled the bores within the 8 x 8 square. Sure enough, the client was able to have their geothermal system.

What excites you most about your line of work?

I enjoy building “things”, including building businesses. I enjoy the puzzle of trying help a client present a project case and “sell” to his/her board — help the client explain and demonstrate the benefits of their desired objectives. I enjoy this opportunity to help communicate the technical story in context with the business case, which could even include a branding aspect. I also seek to optimize simplicity of the operations for the design.

How did you discover Mazzetti?

I’ve know Mazzetti in the industry for some time (and even competed against). I was formally introduced to San Francisco folks about 10 years ago and reunited for this opportunity.

What are you most excited about, working for Mazzetti?

As I mentioned, I enjoying building things, including growing companies. I think I can make a big impact given Mazzetti’s Healthcare reputation (and clientele) and my humble network. I look forward to growing the portfolio in Southern California and beyond. 

Advice for the younger generation?

LISTEN to the client; ensure you understand and document. I practice the “rule of three confirmations” when significant decisions are to be made — good communication to confirm alignment and understanding.

Don’t panic when you make a mistake. (It’ll happen!) Work through it and overly communicate.

When it comes to “business development” – take a genuine, personal interest in people.

Life outside of work??

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Hillary, and family (two sons, one daughter, and one grandson), golfing, and practicing (or competing in) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Speaking of, wish me luck at the end of the month, when I compete in the Pan Am International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Championship in Irvine, CA!

Contact Matt directly here. 

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