UC Davis Health CUP Expansion


UC Davis Health

Rudolph & Sletten (R&S)

Sacramento, CA


Estimated 2030


Project Lead:

Jon Inman, PE, LEED AP

Principal, Engineering Practice Leader

Project Team:

Mazzetti is currently engaged in providing mechanical and plumbing engineering services for UC Davis Health’s Central Utility Plant Expansion project. The primary objectives are to facilitate the decarbonization of central utility services, increase system capacities, and maintain reliability. The project involves both modernizing the existing plant and constructing a new interconnected building to expand the overall plant size.

The long-term strategy for the campus utilities includes the implementation of centrifugal chillers, heat recovery chillers for heating and cooling, thermal energy storage, and air source heat pumps. Additionally, upgrades to the existing plant infrastructure are planned to transition from a steambased cogeneration system to an all-electric system.

As part of the transition to a fully electrified system, campus utility system piping and pumping infrastructure are being upgraded to accommodate the change in operating requirements. These enhancements aim to support the project’s goals of sustainability, increased capacity, and operational efficiency while ensuring reliable utility services for UC Davis Health.

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