City of Hope Campus Energy Center


City of Hope

R&S / HKS Architects (Design-Build Team)

Duarte, CA

Estimated 40,000sf at completion

In Progress (Anticipated 2025)


Project Lead:

Khoren Abrahamian, PE

Principal - Mechanical, Team Leader

Project Team:

Mazzetti is providing MEP design services as part of a design-build team for a new central utility plant for the City of Hope. The OSHPD 1 CUP included central cooling plant, and electrical power distribution. The cooling plant is currently designed for 8,000 tons of cooling expandable to 12,800 tons. The system incorporates an existing 1,2 M gallon Thermal Storage tank that is used to decouple the primary/secondary pumping system, thermal expansion, addressing minimum chiller flows, and electrical rate peak shaving. The cooling plant pairs cooling towers with individual chillers. A life cycle cost analysis was performed and the elimination for a common condenser water system save over $700,000 construction cost at an annual utility cost of $4,900. This design also reduced the total building height from 36 feet to 22 feet. To facilitate future expansion with minimal affects to the campus system, two modules of (4) chillers were created. These modules operate in parallel to each other. Module 1 incorporates chillers 1 thru 4 and the TES tank. Module 2 consists of chiller 5 being installed during this project and spaces prepped for future chillers 6 thru 8.

The chilled water piping system consists of a primary loop serving Module 1 chillers 1 thru 4 and the TES and a secondary loop that circulates chilled water to the campus. Module 2 chillers are served by secondary pumps that feed the campus. The secondary loop is a constant pressure variable flow, the primary loop serving module 1 flow is controlled by flow measuring stations and matching the campus loads. Two of the chillers, cooling towers, and pumps are provided with E-Power to operate in an emergency and the TES tank is utilized to provide NPC-5 water storage for cooling makeup water. The electrical distribution consists of new 12KV, 20 Mega electrical service, equipment and distribution back feeding normal circuit branches on campus. The plant includes (4) 2.5 Mega emergency generators and equipment with space available to add a fifth generator in the future. The generator system has been designed to Tier 4 compliance.

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