Mazzetti Denver Moves to Iconic Broadway Building


Mazzetti’s Denver office moved to the Broadway building in downtown Denver, effective as of June 30, 2018.

1999 Broadway
Suite 2205
Denver, CO 80202

The 1999 Broadway building is a 43-story, 760,000sf glass-sheathed tower with a footprint roughly the shape of an isosceles triangle, designed by Fentress Architects. One of the most iconic buildings in downtown Denver, it required an innovative design approach, needing to space with a historic church – the building is called “Holy Ghost” by the locals because it literally wraps around the church.  In 2014 it was honored by AIA’s Western Mountain Region with the 25 Year Award.

Our space is located on the 22nd floor, tucked in the sharp angle of the triangle so we have views that extend from the southeast to the southwest – offering a stunning panorama of the front range.

Mazzetti’s Denver team is excited about our new home at 1999 Broadway. Our view from the 22nd floor gives us a full panorama of the front range and the exciting development happening locally in Denver.  This architectural icon maximizes daylighting, energy-efficiency, and sustainable operations- the same principals we pursue on our own designs.

– Ryan Stromquist, Denver Team Leader

Client open house event to be scheduled in early 2019.

MEP Contact: Ryan Stromquist

Lighting Design Contact: Brennan Schumacher

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