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Impacting Outcomes in Puerto Rico


Earlier this month, Mazzetti and our Sextant Foundation (in collaboration with Project HOPE), quickly organized and dispatched qualified volunteers to Puerto Rico.  The volunteers were primarily focused on water purification assessments in communities most heavily impacted by Hurricane Maria. As we instill in our project delivery for clients–it’s not about activities; it’s about outcomes. And though plenty work remains, we’re encouraged to hear the immediate impact of our remarkable volunteers.

Joe Schaefer from the US EPA Environmental Response Team comments below…

Project HOPE and Sextant Foundation offering to assist with the evaluation process was the missing critical piece in our Non-PRASA assessment work. As EPA expanded our operational footprint to conduct more assessments throughout Puerto Rico, it identified a need to have a skilled technical evaluation team in place to summarize the findings so they could be routed to FEMA and NGO organizations in a position to offer assistance. Sextant’s offer to lend their technical expertise towards these evaluations filled a huge resource gap and has allowed us to turn two weeks of assessments into actionable intelligence. Without the assistance of Project HOPE and Sextant, we would not have been in that position for days, if not a week. Continued efforts by subject matter experts to provide this vital evaluation of the response data will allow us to rapidly turn field visits into improved conditions for the local community.

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