Design Strategist Jennie Evans Joins Mazzetti to Lead Business Development


Mazzetti proudly welcomes Jennie Evans, RN, MBA, as the Director of Business Development. Former nurse, turned health design strategist with HKS Architects, Jennie is uniquely familiar with the key stakeholders in healthcare planning and design. She’s an experienced design consultant, leveraging lean methodology and human-centered design, optimizing the efficiency, functionality, and well-being of physical spaces.

In addition to Jennie’s ability to think strategically and innovate appropriately, she is a strong team-builder. We are confident Jennie will be a critical driver for the growth of our business, including the growth of our people.

– Walt Vernon, Mazzetti CEO

Jennie will be responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of Mazzetti’s company-wide business development. She is based in Dallas, TX.

How did get into your specific line of work?

Several years before I entered the design & construction industry, I wrote in my journal, “I want to build hospitals!”  As a registered nurse this was a bit of a stretch goal to say the least.  One day, walking down the hall of the hospital, the Chief Medical Officer stopped me and asked, “Jennie, will you help us build the new cardiac intensive care unit?  We need a clinical liaison.”  Four years and three hospital projects later, I made the leap to work as a Nurse Resource for HKS Architects. HKS, a thought leader in the industry, saw the value of integrating the clinical perspective into the design team.   My role at HKS taught me about business development, consulting, healthcare innovation, research, and the value of meaningful relationships.

What excites you most about your line of work?

What’s exciting and motivating about design is the opportunity to innovate, stretch myself and others to see possibilities beyond the current modus operandi.  The nature of design is constantly evolving, which requires us to be perpetual students, continually learning and sharing new knowledge with others who want to improve the environment for people and the community.

How did you discover Mazzetti?

Mazzetti came on my radar when I heard they won the 2012 Kaiser Small Hospital, Big Idea design contest.  I wanted to know more about this innovative company and on a whim called Walt Vernon to ask him how they set themselves up as a differentiator in the industry.  He kindly shared his wisdom with a stranger and we have kept in touch ever since primarily at national healthcare design conferences.

What are you most excited about it, working for Mazzetti?

I am most excited about connecting people and companies to the diversity of services within Mazzetti.  My role is to grow the business, develop service strategies and help open new realms of business opportunities.   I am a LEED AP and want to learn more about the engineering process, sustainability and use of technology at Mazzetti.   And most importantly, I believe Mazzetti is a firm that can broaden its reach to infinity and beyond! as Buzz Lightyear would say.

Project Highlights

Most of my consulting career has been using lean methodology to help clients move from their current methods of operations towards a new future of care delivery with over 40 healthcare facilities in 8 million SF of healthcare space.  One of the most challenging yet rewarding projects was with Akron Children’s Hospital where we designed full scale departmental mock ups to test operational processes which then shaped the design.  User groups were sized at 20 professionals or higher and the family’s voice was also included in each design session to provide their perspective real-time.  After design, we collaborated with the client to implement a research study about change engagement in the design process which validated that end-user involvement and mock ups are imperative to help users adapt to the new space.

Probably my most proud individual moment was being nominated by a colleague and then recognized by The Center of Healthcare Design as an awardee for the 2014 HCD 10 for executive leadership as President of the Nursing Institute of Healthcare Design.

The Future

My dream is to help people reach their potential regardless of where they live or what they earn.  I often wonder if we could develop micro-businesses for lower socioeconomic families, women, who could have a viable business from creating products from recycled goods such as plastic.  This approach would fulfill two of my passions: help others and recycle plastic.  Of course, getting rid of plastic altogether would be ideal. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you have been successful minimizing plastics in your life.

Life outside of work—family, activities, etc.?

I love adventure and have had the fortune to live in 7 US cities, on both coasts of Canada, and in the UK.  I have family from Vancouver, BC to Prince Edward Island so I travel somewhere ‘home’ every year and like to go abroad at least every other year.  My local hobby is triathlons.  I love the variety and although slow, I do finish.  In Dallas, I am very busy as a surrogate aunt to 4 children, attend a Messianic Synagogue, go to movies and eat the real ‘Tex-Mex.’  However, a lot of my spare time is probably spent on house projects – do they ever end?

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