Derek West: Promoted to Team Leader in Sacramento


Derek West has been promoted to Team Leader of Mazzetti Sacramento. Derek has 15 years of experience as a seasoned Project Manager and Senior Electrical Engineer. He is well-versed in the design and specification of electrical distribution systems, emergency generators, lighting, fire alarm and safety, and low voltage systems. Over the course of his career, Derek has developed a broad regional network within the Sacramento region, serving primarily Healthcare, Correctional, and Mission Critical clients.

How has your role evolved?

Over the past four years, my transition to this leadership role has been gradual—increasing my responsibilities on projects and internally. I’m grateful for Principal Tim Belke, mentoring me years prior to this leadership transition, so I would feel more “ready” at this moment.

What has been your greatest accomplishment, thus far, at Mazzetti?

Over the past year, I have conducted (and continue) daily one-on-one meetings with our “younger” staff.  Stemming from the LEAN principles, these 5-minute informal check-ins enable me to provide quick assistance/guidance. They help eliminate barriers to completing their daily tasks and increase engagement!  Giving your time to the next generation is a very important aspect of my job, and I feel these check-ins are a great step in the right direction.

How would you describe your leadership approach/philosophy? Who has inspired/encouraged your leadership style/path?

I believe in a team collaboration approach.  Our ability to do great work relies on the weakest link to deliver.  By helping each other in areas where we are weakest, we can improve our design and collaborative environment.  I’m inspired by the kindness of others, in particular, those who are willing to help the people most in need. My leadership approach has been influenced by LEAN and its respective philosophies. And, again, I can’t say enough about the positive influence of my predecessor re shaping my leadership approach. His guidance and example has been invaluable.

What about Mazzetti’s vision resonates with you?

As an engineer, I enjoy solving difficult problems.  Mazzetti’s vision of creating healthier, enduring environments has always resonated with me.  The more that we can create healthier hospital spaces allows the next generation to have a better healthcare experience.  Being a parent, I always want what’s best for my child and her generation, and I believe as a company we are striving for that goal.

What are you currently most excited about in the Sacramento/greater NorCal market?

In addition to the great projects that we are working on currently, with our architects/contractors and owners, the Sacramento area has a lot of great plans to improve the healthcare facilities in our region. I am hopeful that Mazzetti can continue our great working relationships in this area and continue to live out our mission, serving this community.

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