Advancing Energy Efficiency at Healthcare Facilities


Mazzetti partnered with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) in advancing innovation in energy efficiency in healthcare. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Department of Science and Technology and the Government of India provided joint funding for work under a U.S.–India Partnership to Advance Clean Energy Research. The specific US-India program is called CBERD–Center for Building Energy Research and Development.

The focus of CBERD is to promote innovation in energy efficiency through collaborative research, contributing to significant reduction in energy use in both the U.S. and India. CBERD focuses on the integration of information technology with building controls and physical systems for buildings to accelerate strategies for energy management. Outcome-based research and development will result in significant energy savings by driving development of cost-effective technologies and their implementation. More information here:

Berkeley Lab’s Building Technologies and Urban Systems division was responsible for developing a report outlining technical requirements and specifications for an Energy Information System (EIS) geared toward healthcare facilities. An EIS is a high-level, real-time monitoring system used for energy benchmarking and building diagnostics.


Source: Berkeley Lab

As industry partner on the CBERD program, Mazzetti provided insights, in-field experience expertise, and technical review.  View the complete report here.

The research objective was to develop and demonstrate scalable and packaged EIS solutions that reduce the cost, time and skill required to install and operate an EIS. The result is deepening the intelligence derived from core building energy data, broadening the base of stakeholders who can make decisions and take action based on the intelligence, and wider deployment of EIS systems, thereby encouraging more energy benchmarking and monitoring in healthcare facilities.

With offices located domestically and in India, Mazzetti is actively recruiting hospital partners to pilot the EIS model featured in the report.

“We feel the pilots will not only help the participating hospitals, but also India, the US, and, indeed, the world.”

– Walt Vernon, Mazzetti CEO

Hospitals interested to pilot, please contact Jessica Hamann.

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