Associate Principal, Director of Information Technology

I began working in the AEC community in 1989. I bring expertise in: Building Information Modeling, Data and Process Management, Training, and Large Project Management. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in all of the major disciplines–Structural, Architectural and now MEP/Technology–for industry leaders. Understanding where each discipline is “coming from” has assisted in ensuring that not only our own staff is educated, but our clients are well served.

From a young age I have always been fascinated on how things “go together”. This naturally led me to the building industry. Much like Harry Potter’s wand chose him, the AEC industry seems to have chosen me. My goal is to ensure I am assisting our engineering staff with the latest tools and training to allow them to be the most effective at creating the most efficient buildings and spaces possible. This is where I feel I provide the most impact.

“I take complex software and processes and make the process understandable and efficient.”

I created software that assists designers locate Navisworks collisions. I also assisted the General Services Administration create their first Building Information Model and assisted in created a GSA standard.


My Flipside

I’ve been married 19 years to my wife Jennifer who I grow closer to every year! I have three kids who I love fiercely.

I also love endurance sports and cycling. I’ve completed several Ironman Triathlon (including Hawaii), and have won the Colorado State Time Trial Championships (Bike racing) six times. I’ve completed multiple marathons and ultra distance cycling events. I’m an avid guitar player.

I also enjoy playing the guitar and working with my local church’s youth group music ministry.

Did I mention my love of backpacking? I love backpacking! Hometown is Denver, Colorado. Thankfully I have lived here my whole life.

I volunteer a lot for our church – after years of working with preschoolers and elementary kids, I now work with our youth and teens. This year I’m looking forward to helping lead a group of kids (including my oldest son, Caleb) to Peru for a week to work in an orphanage.


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