Senior Associate, Medical Equipment Project Manager

With 10 years of experience I can confidently say that I love what I do, and I truly enjoy serving patients. I know that our clients want to offer the best in patient care. I strive to assist them in doing just that. I envision my family in the healthcare environment — what I would want them to have.

I know the medical staff will do their jobs the best they can, because I do my job the best I can. Bringing my expertise as a BioMed, I know what equipment is current and what is reliable. I  have insight into whether the product a client wants to procure will actually perform the way they want and need it to.

Coupled with my technical competency, I place a significant focus on communication. Our clients want to know the status of my work. I consciously ensure our clients expectations are exceeded, ensuring their peace of mind. This is what (I think) keeps our clients coming back for more!

One particular project I really enjoyed was the opening of the Baylor Scott and White Waxahavhie project. It was a multi-year project, including new hospital construction. I found the weeks leading up to the ‘go live’ date were the most exciting. I started seeing things come together — equipment was being delivered and installed, the staff was being educated, the war rooms were set up, and the doors were opened. We were able to transport over 100 patients, without incident, from the old hospital into the new one in a matter of hours. Seeing everything come together was incredibly rewarding… something I look forward to on every project.


My Flipside

When not in the office, I’m probably chasing around an almost two-year-old daughter, Luca.  I love my family. We are very close and spend a lot of time together. I am very blessed to have them so close to me. And we just learned we will be expanding the family come Spring 2019! *insert super excited emoji*

I love music, travelling and sports! To be specific GEORGIA BULLDOG FOOTBALL!!! I’m all UGA all the time. During football season every Saturday you can catch me watching my DAWGS!!

I have found a new love of gardening. I have planted six roses in my back and front yards as well as other plants in raised beds. I love gardening, who knew?!

I am an army brat, so I truly have no hometown. I think that has made me who I am today because moving around as much as we did made me adapt and adjust to new environments all the time. I am able to talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. I like to get involved in a lot of things so growing up that way really made me learn what i like and do not, as well and how to manage and thrive with change.


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