Senior Commissioning Agent

I am focused on systems delivery and coordination. My goal is always to ensure that the systems in a building have the ability to function independently and as a cohesive whole, meeting the needs of the project beyond traditional measures of cost, time, and quality.

I provide clients with a clear understanding of how to operate and maintain complex systems and I excel at identifying scope gaps before they cause schedule delays and significant costs. I’m passionate about controls and solving systemic problems that would otherwise exist for the life of the building or system.

One of the things I find most rewarding in my work is knowledge transfer. I truly enjoy sharing all of the detailed knowledge I have learned throughout a project with the facilities team that will maintain the building. I focus on identifying points of failure and ensuring the right sensors and devices are installed and operational to make building maintenance manageable.

I’ve had the privilege of working on some remarkable projects, including serving as the commissioning agent for the George Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, TX. On that project, I was able to jump in and assist the understaffed controls contractor, finishing the programming, graphics, and point-to-point checkout of the chilled water system prior to conducting the Functional Performance Tests.

I’m always looking for innovative ways to deliver value. One approach I developed is turning the typical 1,000-page commissioning report into a web application that can be handed off via USB drive and placed on the client’s intranet. This menu-driven digital deliverable makes it much easier for clients to reference information on how to maintain their building.

With each project, my commitment is to deeply understand the client’s goals and expectations, and to deliver systems that perform optimally, are well-documented, and can be properly maintained for the life of the facility.

My Flipside

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy engaging in home DIY projects, participating in children’s and youth ministry, playing with my kids, and exploring science projects with them.

I also find joy in grilling, playing tennis, and engaging in intelligent conversations over coffee or tea.


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