Director of Business Development | Medical Equipment Planning & IT/LV Consulting

While I once aspired to be an Industrial Psychologist, life took me on a detour into training and development. This unforeseen twist eventually paved the way for my entry into business development. I soon discovered my gift for building genuine relationships and positively steering outcomes. Over the years, I’ve ventured into healthcare construction, and now, with over two decades under my belt, I’m specializing in business development for Medical Equipment Planning and IT/LV Consulting. My enthusiasm is rooted in understanding our clients’ needs and aligning appropriate solutions. I take pride in my approach to vetting information, ensuring my connections always receive accurate and insightful details. 

Of my many projects over the years, one in particular will always hold a special place in my heart— the new $450M Nemours Children’s hospital. Though I came onboard a bit late, I played an instrumental role in integrating our team seamlessly and building trust with the key stakeholders.  

Believing that my contributions play a small but vital role in creating healthcare facilities that can save lives is what drives me every day. I’m truly looking forward to fostering growth in Mazzetti’s Technology Practice, bringing in talented professionals, and attracting new clients. 

My Flipside

Outside of Mazzetti, I’m a fervent music lover, often seen at concerts, and have DJ friends across the globe. Cooking, hosting themed parties, and globe-trotting are among my other passions. My friends lovingly dub me ‘Julie the Cruise Director’

because when it comes to planning fun, I’m your go-to! I enjoy spending time with Mikey, my treasured dog, who basks in my adoration. On a lighter note, frogs absolutely terrify me, and I detest ketchup!

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