Senior Lighting Designer


Lighting Design

I knew I wanted to pursue a challenging, creative, and impactful career. I found Lighting Design to perfectly meet this criteria. Though fairly new in my career, I’ve been able to utilize both my artistic  passion with engineering to design environments that positively impact the people within them, both physiologically and emotionally.

I’ve had the opportunity to design lighting solutions in various sectors including, commercial, retail, civic, higher ed., hospitality, healthcare, multi-family, and some private residences. In this work, I’ve quickly honed an expertise in lighting calculation software, particularly for daylighting analysis.

In a recent civic office renovation, our Mazzetti design team had the privilege of early collaboration with the architect, allowing us to provide daylighting analysis, ultimately influencing the overall architectural design, including the use of skylights, frit patterns, and an automated shading system. These lighting design features benefited the client with respect to both energy savings and the occupants’ well-being. Like, I said, I love doing meaningful work!


My Flipside

Having grown up in Denver, I feel like I have a great appreciation for nature (love outdoor activities). Most people seem healthy and care about their own well-being as well as being environmentally conscious and accepting and supportive of others.  And, many Denverites are dog-lovers; I’m proud to be one of them (hence my photo below).

To live more sustainably, I’m a vegetarian (vegan most of the time), and I take public transportation daily, both of which, reduce my carbon emissions.

I also enrolled in a program that converts my electricity and gas usage into 100% wind power certificates.

If I could change the world, I’d make it a more tolerant and empathetic place. If everyone had these values then every problem with the world (climate change, world hunger, human rights, etc.) could be understood and respected by all, which could drive people to make a change.


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