Senior Electrical Designer


MEP Engineering

What is unique about my experience is that I have a wide range of experience. I have worked from the generation plant down to the wall outlet, and out of the outlet to the microelectronics level. I have been on the supplier side and on the customer side. The visibility I gained on all ends enabled me to think outside the box and to suggest ideas learned in one sector into another. I also have very specific experience with fast-paced schedules, developing electrical systems with challenging design constraints (including space constraints), being regulation and code compliant, and maintaining an economical budget, I combine these experiences with: listening to the client and the client’s objectives, and incorporating my team and their knowledge imparted to me, to execute the optimal electrical design.

I enjoy being in the construction field because during the process of a construction project, I get to work in a team environment, and use my imagination to be creative. I also envision what a design can possibly do for those that will eventually utilize those spaces. Once a project is executed, it is fulfilling that I helped many people utilize these locations for years to come. Each project has a story behind it, and I enjoy being part of it.

I was brought to work on a data center upgrade commissioning project that was over a year past due, and left incomplete by the project manager and the electrical engineer. Little documentation existed, the project was disorganized, the scope was not clear, and those left on the job (that were involved at some point) had little knowledge of what was completed vs. not completed in the commissioning process. I spent the first week assessing the scope, and mapping out the electrical circuitry (and parameters) between the electrical facilities and components of the data center. I learned and obtained input from those involved or knew of the project, and developed a work plan to address the unknowns. After working with a team of electrical technicians, customers impacted by each pending power interruption, passing down the execution strategy, gaining permits, etc., one portion of the system was commissioned after another. The project was analogous to riding a long roller coaster ride with all its ups and downs. I didn’t relax until the last electrical panel was commissioned and the project was officially marked as complete!

Some innovative approaches I contributed to include: working with suppliers to provide new lighting controls, developing remote touchscreens for convenient and safer power systems control, development of new heater systems and controls solutions, and working with suppliers to develop new electrical panel designs for optimized space savings.

My Flipside

Reading, walking, swimming, and spending time with my family.

Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in a major city like NYC helped me to work with different people of diverse backgrounds. It helped me to be a good team player and to be assertive (which is necessary to get around a city like NYC).

If I could change the world, I would allow everyone (including adults) to have equal access to education tailored specifically to their learning styles and tailored to their passions more.

I live below my means. My family of six live in a 960sq ft home and I ride public transit.

My hobbies are singing, dancing, traveling and socializing.


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