Senior Lighting Designer

I wholly believe design should be for all and should better the lives of everyone who comes into contact with it. What better way than with something we see and use every day – lighting!

I bring a unique set of skills to the table with a background in interior design that enables me to offer a more holistic approach to lighting design for my clients. I’ve worked on projects ranging from hospitals to celebrity homes and just about everything in between – higher education, restaurants, zoos and more – and, I’ve learned something new from each one.

I’ve had the opportunity to do the lighting design for a women and children’s hospital in Liberia and volunteered with Mazzetti’s Sextant Foundation, installing solar panels to power incubators for a NICU in Sierra Leone. (I am also a member of the Sextant Board of Directors.)

I believe Mazzetti’s commitment to making the world a better place for everyone is one of our, if not the, most valuable asset, and I’m proud to play a role!

My Flipside

Outside of work I enjoy reading, drawing, hiking with my husband, and trying to get rid of my garish American accent in my French class that I take here in Portland. I also love to travel – culture endlessly fascinates me and I’ve had the opportunity to visit just shy of 50 countries (I’ll get to all of them eventually!).

I’m an Alabama native, and have lived all over the south, but my husband and I found our way to Oregon in 2015. I think I’ve assimilated well – I spend my weekends outdoors and eating way too much good local food!


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