Associate Principal, Director of Corporate Marketing

Over the last ten years, my work has centered around content creation for online B2C consumption: web copy, eBooks, videos, infographics, email campaigns, social media – all facilitating a consistent and engaging brand experience through expert storytelling. My specialties include storytelling digital media; video production management; inbound marketing and digital strategy; brand strategy and development; user research and interviewing; creative and editorial direction; copy writing and editing; and project management.

As the Director of Corporate Marketing at Mazzetti, I extract and share stories of our work in each of our foursight lenses: Research & Policy, Planning, Finance, and Project Delivery. I enjoy engaging audiences through social media, building genuine relationships and cultivating wellness. Communication and amplification of our project work both promotes the Mazzetti brand and shares our thought leadership for the benefit of the engineering industry.

I believe in enjoying life by learning, trying new activities… And I hope to make positive contributions overall.

Cultivating a culture of wellness for Mazzetti employees is another way I contribute to the success of my co-workers and our clients and partners. Before joining Mazzetti in 2014, I co-produced “Fit After Fifty – Because it Makes Everything Better,” a multi-media eBook promoting healthy behavior change for baby boomers through storytelling.

My Flipside

Outside of the office, I’m all about beach volleyball! I also enjoy Crossfit and playing ping-pong in my backyard. My husband and I regularly assist with local volleyball youth camps in the summer. We’re currently working on our 1912 craftsman home. As you can see, I’m up for anything active.

Raised in Hurst, Texas, I went to college in Cookeville, Tennessee, and currently live in Seattle. I had the pleasure of utilizing my dual citizenship by living in Ireland for a year. It’s a beautiful country and a further reminder of the need to preserve our natural resources and overall environment.

Before joining Mazzetti, my work with Health and Wellness Co. fortified my knowledge and desire to promote healthy behavior change. I had previously sold mutual funds at a small boutique firm but quickly realized it wasn’t my calling in life – but the customer service and portfolio management aspects of the role are transferable skills. I’m more cognizant of a client’s needs, and intentional in always adding value. I bring these experiences and knowledge to my work at Mazzetti.

Living a green lifestyle is important to me. I drive an energy-efficient car and regularly choose walking as my mode of transport, when possible. I choose to primarily eat local and organic. I believe in enjoying life by learning and trying new activities, and hope to make positive contributions overall.