Associate Principal, Chief Marketing & Mission Officer

The people of Mazzetti are both passionate and brilliant. Every day I see (and hear stories of) our people thoughtfully tackling challenges and facilitating a remarkable experience in the process. I am humbled in this role to amplify these stories — to help prospective clients see what’s possible and existing clients experience it.

For over 15 years, my work has centered around storytelling and general content creation for various mediums, including web, social, email, web, events (both live & virtual), etc. In working with the people of Mazzetti across the organization, I strive to weave a consistent and compelling brand experience, reflecting the true spirit of Mazzetti. My specialties include storytelling digital media, presentation strategy, video production management, inbound marketing and digital strategy, brand strategy and development, user research and interviewing, creative and editorial direction, copy writing and editing, and project management.

Having started with Mazzetti in 2014, I’ve been fortunate to learn more deeply about the critical role we fulfill on a project (and the industry at large). A building, and the people who occupy the building, rely on the building systems to perform, including its technology. And, we’ve been put to the test — pandemic, wild fires, hurricanes, power outages, social injustices, etc. Mazzetti has the unique opportunity and responsibility to help position clients (and, quite frankly, the industry) more favorably, to be more resilient, to be more sustainable, to be more adaptable, and to be a model of a better future for everyone.

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