Senior Associate, Senior Civil Engineer


Civil Engineering

For more than 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients, tackling complex Civil engineering issues to help make their visions come to life. Throughout Washington and Oregon, I have collaborated with design teams on complex siting and assessment studies, infrastructure upgrades, building/site renovations, and new LEED-certified buildings and sites. My approach is to develop cost-effective civil engineering solutions and work closely with the project team to integrate these solutions with the building and site design

I highly prioritize communication and collaboration and bring foresight and guidance to the project team. Each project brings a unique set of client needs, site conditions, and jurisdictional hurdles. Facilitating proactive coordination across disciplines to anticipate challenges early in the project helps develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to keep projects on budget and on schedule; I find satisfaction in working with multi-disciplinary teams to find solutions to complex problems.

Rigorous regulatory requirements do not always require a complex and expensive solution.  For example, I recall a specific project in which strict federal stormwater management standards were triggered due to project funding sources. A standard approach to meeting the standards would have included a large and costly stormwater detention system. However, through close coordination with the owner, design team, and regulatory agencies, we developed an innovative passive stormwater management system that satisfied the intent of the standards at a fraction of the cost and footprint.

My Flipside

I grew up along the Umpqua River in southern Oregon and spend much of my time exploring the Umpqua and other rivers throughout the state.  I enjoy fishing, rafting, and kayaking and have rowed or paddled over 500 miles of rivers in Oregon.

I am an advocate for protection of waterways and water quality and enjoy making a difference in my professional life through my work in stormwater management and my involvement in the Umpqua Watersheds organization.

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