Eric Berzon

Financing Advisor

I really enjoy problem-solving how to finance a project, particularly related to energy projects. Having recently served Kaiser Permanente for nearly 25 years, overseeing the corporate finance, including Kaiser’s renewable energy program, I’m particularly empathetic & knowledgeable of healthcare owners striving to meet carbon neutrality goals.

Prior to joining Kaiser, I was the Director of Corporate Operations and Controller at a healthcare related subsidiary of Air Liquide America, managing various aspects of manufacturing finance and control at Unisys (Burroughs). Additionally, I am a Trustee of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (Israel).

Too often I’ve heard the question asked, “CAN we afford to do X?” It’s my job, as a “thought partner”, to understand the priority to achieve ‘X’ and craft a pathway to make it pencil — finding the most appropriate financing strategy and connecting to investor networks, as needed. In particular, the opportunities afforded by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are significant. Now is the time.

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