Senior Commissioning Authority

I’m Charles Wales, a Senior Commissioning Authority at Mazzetti. My career in this field started back in 1992 as a stationary engineer. With over three decades of hands-on experience in commercial high-rises and healthcare facilities, I’ve developed a deep expertise in controls, HVAC, and central plants.

Throughout my career, I’ve worn many hats—contractor, operator, project manager, and commissioning agent. This diverse background has given me a unique understanding of what truly works in building systems and how to deliver some of the most efficient solutions available today.

One of my proudest achievements was leading the design, installation, programming, and commissioning of a co-generation plant at the Bank of America Plaza in Los Angeles. This involved orchestrating natural gas generators, boilers, and chillers to meet the building’s electricity, hot water, and chilled water needs. We even tackled the unique challenge of plume abatement from the cooling towers, required by the City, without compromising plant efficiency.

Over the years, I’ve served as the Chairman of the Orange Coast College HVAC Advisory Committee (1996-2000), and I’ve been involved in numerous innovative projects across the country. Notable ones include the Aon Center in Los Angeles, the San Diego Convention Center, various Macerich Malls in Phoenix, and several high-rise buildings in New York.

Why do I continue to work in this field? It’s simple—I’m passionate about sustainability and efficiency. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing a project run smoothly and knowing I’ve helped clients achieve their goals.

My Flipside

When I’m not in the office, I’m usually spending quality time with my wife and kids. My interests are diverse and keep me active—whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, motorcycle riding, working on home improvement projects, or occasionally hitting the golf course or pickleball court.

I have a passion for photography and ham radio. I also dedicate time to working with incarcerated youth and am currently in the fire academy, training to serve as a reserve firefighter.

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, a place that profoundly shaped who I am. Growing up surfing and horseback riding instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature, and it’s a love that continues to influence my life choices and values.

Sustainability is a core part of my lifestyle. My wife and I replaced our wood-burning fireplace with a 20 SEER variable-speed heat pump system that has zone control. We also installed a 7.3 kW solar system with a 10 kWh battery for energy storage. Last year, I only imported 700 kWh of the 9.5 mWh I consumed and filled my plug-in hybrid with gas just seven times. We are committed to buying sustainable products and recycling everything we can.

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