Associate, Senior Mechanical Designer


MEP Engineering

I have over 20 years of experience in the AEC industry.  This includes drafting, design and construction administration for renovations and additions, new construction and sustainable design projects. My experience includes the design of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing for many project types, including higher education, K-12, hospitals and government facilities.


My Flipside

I mostly spend time with the family. My wife, two teenage sons and I are all involved in music,  whether playing wind instruments or singing. I also enjoy photography. Every year I take my favorite shots and publish an art calendar that we give away to family members.

I was born in Colorado Springs, but grew up in southern Brazil, so I consider Curitiba my hometown. So of course I’m a huge soccer fan. Go Timbers!

I studied construction at a technical high school in Brazil. My first job was working for a road survey firm there. I also lived 4 years in Switzerland where I studied music, fried spring rolls in street markets, delivered newspapers and taught English and Portuguese in a language school.

Is seems like the world is becoming more and more divisive, with little room for understanding and tolerance. I’d love to be able to put a brake on this trend, and turn the peoples of this world towards a more peaceful environment.

I came in to this industry kind of by accident when I moved to Portland to get married. But soon I came to love this career and the opportunity I have every day to make people’s lives more comfortable, whether it’s in hospital, work places or learning places.

I decided to leave my car at home and take commuter rail to work every day. And at home I got my family to start composting and recycling. I’m still working on getting the kids to turn off the lights though.


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