Employee Spotlight: Healthcare Technology Consultant Christena Fournier


Meet Christena Fournier.

How did you enter the industry?

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, I quickly started researching various options in the industry. I came across *GBA and interviewed with Terry Esquibell (Technology Team Leader in the Arlington office). I started as a project assistant in 2011 and was promoted to a medical equipment project manager (current role). And the rest is history!*GBA merged with Mazzetti in August, 2016, uniting the leaders in Healthcare Engineering and Technology consulting.  

What keeps you coming back for more ? 

I love that my work is always different. Daily, I get to impact various projects at different phases. And, what’s most rewarding, we are essentially building (better) hospitals to save lives!

Exciting Projects

Most challenging proejct (with lessons learned)I had a project in the Bahamas, when I first came on board. Due to international process and regulation differences, I was instantly challenged and forced to learn something(s) new, including procurement via customs and all the intricacies that entails.

Favorite projectNorth Central Baptist – My first “start to finish” project. 

Thinking about the future…

I’m concerned for the state of our country (our  society) and the respective impact on my children.

I’m excited to watch my kids grow and to grow old with my husband.

Advice for the younger generation? 

1. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! Be positive.

2. There is always something to be thankful for. 

Life outside of Mazzetti+GBA…

I’m happily married with a 6-year-old and two step-children (15 & 13). I love spending time with and entertaining my family and friends, whether we are watching a UFC fight, screaming at the TV during a Cowboys Football game, or just playing card games.

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